Casts: Kim Myungsoo, Han Neulmi, a slight of Nam Woohyun || Genre: Romance, AU ­­|| Rate: || Disclaimer: Plot is owned by Nisaiueo. Plagiarism is strictly unallowed.

This fanfiction is for the competition held by INFINITE7SOUL, and also for Myungsoo stans out there.

There are some words that taken from Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn book. 

Sorry if there are grammar error(s). I wish you enjoy reading this fiction as I enjoy writing it. I hope I can win the competition. *grins*.

 © – Nisaiueo / 2013


People said “fall in love at the first sight.” I never believed that words, back then. Falling in love is not like seeing someone and then you fall for her from head to toe. It’s nonsense, except you’re a type that like to date someone just because of her look. Liking someone at the first sight does make sense, but falling in love? It’s impossible.

Before the day I met her.


I always have a really good plan for weekends. I would wake up late, have breakfast, watch television –just watching the variety shows to lighten up my mood, even though sometimes I’m not willing to laugh by seeing all not-so-funny-but-why-they-clap-their-hands talks–, take a shower, have lunch, and having some hours to sleep until the sun comes out on the next day.

Feeling so blessed? Yes.

So, at that morning, after I woke up (late, of course), and laying on my bed without doing anything, the worms inside my stomach were asking to be fed. I had no choice but went to the kitchen and turned the stove on to cook omelet. The only one food that I’m pretty sure it would turn out well. I’m bad at cooking.

While I was flipping the omelet, my phone rang and suddenly Woohyun hyung’s name and numbers appeared on my phone screen. I turned the stove off and picked up the call as I turned on the speaker.

“Myungsoo here. What’s up?”


What the heck?

“Stop being so greasy, for God’s sake, hyung. I’m not willing to hear your sweety cheesy words. Keep it for Sunggyu hyung. You, gay couple.

“I’m not into him, you, silly,” then I heard Woohyun hyung asked me with a very nice voice until I frowned. When he said to me in that voice, he must be wanted something from me, “do you have any schedule this afternoon? I mean, do you have something to do today?”

I moved the omelet to my plate, and put in on the table as I asked to Woohyun hyung, “what if I said that I have something to do today?”

Aish~,” Woohyun hyung grumbled, “I know you very well. I know what you do every weekend.”

“Then why you asked me again?” I rolled my eyes even though I knew Woohyun hyung wouldn’t see it, “just tell me. What do you want from me?”

“I want you to do the blind date.”


I shocked as hell.


You know, when you already had a good plan to do on the weekend, but it’s ruined by a simple yet silly request from your closest friend, was actually the most annoying thing in the world.

“Please, I beg you. Really. I got a call from a record label company and he told me to come today while I’m going to have a blind date at a cafe in Apgujeong. You know, Myungsoo, I’ve been waiting for this call for a long time, but I already said yes to my matchmaker to meet the woman. Can you replace me, please? Just introduce yourself as me. If you think she’s nice and pretty –of course–, tell me and I’ll meet her next week to explain what happened. Her name is Han Neulmi if I’m not mistaken.”

Woohyun hyung is my closest friend –no, maybe like an older brother– for me. Since my father kicked me out from home for not obeying his wish –to continue my study in engineering while my interest is photography–, Woohyun hyung was the only one man who’s willing to let me stay at his apartment. At the first month I stayed with him and I had no money at all, he paid the rent by himself, even though at that time, his salary as the singer in cafe didn’t really enough for him –plus me, at that time.

Even he’s a greasy man and sometimes annoying as hell, he’s really a nice person. I had no idea why he didn’t have any girlfriend then he decided to join a blind date that held by a matchmaker.

I just didn’t get his thought, sometimes.

So, there I was. In a cafe in Apgujeong. Waited for a woman named Han Neulmi and I didn’t have any idea how she looked like. Woohyun hyung didn’t have her photo. He told me that the woman will come at 1 PM, wearing a floral blouse and black skirt.

It’s already 2 PM and she didn’t appear at all.

I sipped my latte and decided to wait for next thirty minutes. If she wouldn’t appear, I’d love to leave and continue my weekend’s plan as usual. While I was waiting for that woman, I put my attention to the cafe’s decoration. Not a bad cafe, actually. The vintage atmosphere mixed with white-painted wall and floral wallpapers. Old stuffs were placed in the corner of cafe, and a slow jazz music was played. Okay, this cafe was not bad at all.

I took a look at my watch that encircled my left wrist.

2.30 PM.

Okay, enough. My super comfortable bed already waited for me at my apartment.

When I stood, the bells that hang on the doors of the cafe rang, as the doors opened. I looked to the doors and found a long-brunette-haired with floral blouse and black knee-length skirt woman just stepped in. She looked to the entire cafe and her eyes met mine.

It’s so hard to describe. It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like…. gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. And nothing matters more than her, be anything for her. You become whatever she needs you to be.

Sorry to steal that Jacob guy’s quote that I heard once in TV, but I have to admit that this happened to me.

Me? The guy who never believed on the first sight, now, had fallen for a woman by a first sight.

When her eyes met mine, I couldn’t move my eyes to other view. It’s just her. Only her that became my focus. Her black pupils looked at me confusedly, yet like pushing me to look at her deeper. I could imagine how her slanted eyes form into the crescent whenever she laughs. I could imagine how her eyes closed peacefully whenever she sleeps. I could imagine them all just like I’ve seen those scenes before, even though it’s the first time I saw her.

I could imagine myself, standing besides her as we laugh together. I want her. I just want her to complete my life. I’m not willing to see her with anyone else.

I imprinted her.

“Han Neulmi?”

She heard me and looked confused but she came closer to me as I felt that my chest beat faster.

“Sorry for being late. Traffic jam sucks. You must’ve been waiting for me since one and a half hour ago. My bad, oh my God, I’m so sorry, err.. Nam Woohyun-ssi?”

“Can you replace me, please? Just introduce yourself as me.”

I remembered Woohyun hyung’s request as I shook my head and gave my hand to her, “Kim Myungsoo. It’s nice to meet you, Miss Han.”


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